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I'm glad you stopped in to take a look at my goods.  I'm Will Ghormley and I make all of this myself.  Everything I craft is hand-made for my customers.  I cut each item from the hide when it's ordered.  It's worked and tooled right here at my bench.  I dye and oil and clamp it in my stitching pony to sew by hand.

It's unusual to find anything made by hand by one person any more.  Mass-produced  gun leather is flooding the market.  Oh, most of it is pretty good leather, but there ain't much of it that bears a man's name, his sweat and his pride.

Years from now when you hand your leather down to your kids or grandkids, it will have stories to tell:  sweat stains from hours in the sun or astraddle a horse - the gouges along the cartridge loops in back where you spent the heat leanin' up against a pine tree swappin' stories in the shade - the dark stain that wouldn't ever come off after that hunting party with your amigos, was it from that prize buck, or from that chili you spilled on yourself? - and you'll tell them about the man who made your rig, pointing to the worn and creased stamp bearing the words, "Will Ghormley - Maker".

I started crafting leather over thirty years ago, and I've honed my craft considerable in the last few years.  I publish patterns of my Old West Gear for other leather craftsmen to work with.  Along the line I started carving pictures in leather and painting them.  Now some of the most recognizable names in America own my carved leather paintings.  I don't do this because it's easy.  I don't do it 'cause I'm smart.  In fact, about the only reason I stick with it is because I'm stubborn and I love the work I do.

Most of the photos you will see are stock items I manufacture for my catalogue, but it is custom work that has built my business.  By nature I've always been an artist - and I use that gift when I make your leather.  If you don't see exactly what you want in the stock orders, I'm more than willing to create something to your specifications.  Sketch something out, send me a copy of a photo, or tell me what movie you saw it in. Call me with the details and we'll talk about it.
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Frank James, his Holster and "Fair Weather Christian" Belt
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Kain Robertson, Charlton Heston, Will Ghormley
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Johnny Ringo Holster and Belt, Tombstone
1820s Trekkin'
Trekkin' like a Mountain Man
Custom Old West Saddle Tree
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