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Will Trade Leather for Guns

The other day, a fella' asked me if I would be interested in trading a double action Starr cap 'n ball revolver for some leather.  I've always like the Starrs, mainly 'cause they are just ugly guns.  But, ever since I learned the 
1st Colorado Mounted Volunteers, (the precursor to today's Colorado Mounted Rangers), had been issued Starrs during the Civil War, I've wanted one, or two, or three.  I'm always lookin' for guns to stuff in holsters for photos. Because I'm lookin' for pistols, mainly to photograph in holsters, fancy grips are always a plus, (I'm partial to authentic ivory and bone).  I'm only interested in guns I can shoot.

This got me to wonderin' if other folks would like to trade guns for leather.  If so, I'm always interested in a little horse tradin'.  Tell me what you want out of your gun.  If it sounds reasonable, send me a photo.  If I like the gun, we agree on a price.  I'll give you the agreed upon dollar amount, (less the $55 fee for transferring cartridge weapons through my local FFL dealer), in my catalogue priced leather goods.  Ship the weapon to my FFL dealer, and I'll ship you the leather.

The Guns I'm Interested In:

1903 Colt .32 Officer's Model
1908 Colt .380 Hammerless
Starr Revolvers, double and single
Sam Colt Signature Series Colt 1851 Navys
Sam Colt Signature Series Colt 1860 Armys
Remington 1858 Armys
Remington 1975s, 7 1/2" barrels, post front sights
Smith and Wesson Schofields or Schofield clones, 7" barrels
Colt or Colt clone 1873 SAAs, black powder frames
Colt or Colt clone Bisleys
Colt-Root Revolving Rifle
10 gauge side-by-side, hammered shotguns
12 gauge side-by-side, hammered shotguns
Winchester clone 1873, .45 cal., short barrel
Just about any rifle that will shoot a .45-70 govt. round

I may want some other guns, I just don't know it yet.  So, if you have something, it never hurts to ask.  Also, I'm interested in a tandem axle, two-horse, fully enclose-able, trailer.  I've got saddles to trade for bigger ticket items.

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