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Will Ghormley designed and built Russell Crowe's "Hand of God" holster and belt rig, worn by Crowe as, "Ben Wade" in "3:10 to Yuma".

Now, based on the Crucifix inlayed in the grip of Russell Crowe's gun, Ghormley has created a Hand of God Crucifix to wear.  Based on the same dimensions as the crucifixes in the grips, Ghormley's Crucifix comes with a chain loop to hang on your chain.  Crucifixes are available in White Bronze (to simulate Silver), Bronze (to simulate Gold), Brass and, on special order, Silver.  (Call for current prices for Silver Crucifixes).  Chain not included.
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Frank James, his Holster and "Fair Weather Christian" Belt
Brad Pitt as Jesse James, his Holster and Fold Money/Cartridge Belt.
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Kain Robertson, Charlton Heston, Will Ghormley
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Old West Collection Buckles
(2008 Copyright Will Ghormley)
Hand of God Crucifixes
White Bronze
$30 each
$30 each
$85 each
"3:10 to Yuma"
Old West Collection Buckles
(2008 Copyright Will Ghormley)

Sterling Silver buckle on a 2 1/2" Belt with 1 1/2" billet.
The Assassination of Jesse James
by the Coward Robert Ford
To Order:
Email Will Ghormley with quantity and price to reserve your order.
Shipping and Insurance within the U.S. is $12 for 1-10 crucifixes.  Make checks payable to: Will Ghormley, and mail to:
Will Ghormley
P.O. Box 152
Chariton, IA  50049
Buckles are available in:
White Bronze (simulating Silver),
Yellow Brass (simulating Gold).
To Order Old West Collection Buckles (2008 copyright, Will Ghormley), CLICK HERE to visit OWC Buckle page.