Old West Cowboy Leather

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"Queen of the West", Dale Evans
"Roy Rogers & Trigger"
"We Bein' Trailed?"
"The Shootist", John Wayne
"Safe In Her Cowboy's Arms"
"Not While I'm Ridin' Herd!", Pres. G. W. Bush
"Sitting Bull"
Carved Leather Paintings
When I started carving pictures in leather I thought I had started something new - I don't get out much.  Since then I've come to realize how many people have been carving pictures in leather, and in such a wide variety of styles.  Carving figures in leather dates back to Bible times, and was highly developed in the Iberian Peninsula.  It spread to the region that Spain occupies today.  From there it was taken to the new world, where it was combined with the native Aztec design.  This combination of styles gave birth to our modern Western Floral Carving.

Pictorial Leather Carvings hasn't enjoyed as wide a use, but has survived to this day, and continues to live and grow through the efforts of many gifted crafters.  My own style was developed in isolation from other leather crafters.  In many ways it remains unique.  I hope you enjoy the gift God has given me and how it continues to grow and develop.
"Patriotic", Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
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"One Nation Under God", Paul Harvey