"One Nation Under God"
14" x 12"
Private Collection, Paul Harvey

"...it will be displayed proudly in our Arizona home."
Paul Harvey  
This Carved Leather Painting was created for Paul Harvey a year after I began carving paintings.  It was delivered to Paul by local WHO Radio personality Van Harden during one of Paul's visits to Des Moines, Iowa.  The thank-you letter below mentions living up to "...the message on the backside." I had written him a personal note telling him what he had meant to me over the years.  Here is what I said.

Dear Mr. Harvey,
I first started listening to you as a young cowboy working ranches in Southwest Colorado.  It didn't matter whether we were breaking horses or building fences; at ten till twelve we headed for the creaky old truck.  The radio would crackle and sandwiches would be unwrapped as your familiar voice would call out, "Stand by for News!"
Over the years I've missed a lot of broadcasts and haven't learned the rest of the story.  Experience and heartaches have reaffirmed the Sunday School lessons of my youth.  But sitting near the radio, I've often heard the gentle voice of the Master whispering with your own.
Though we've never met, you have become a dear & trusted friend.  We will meet someday, perhaps on the bank beside the River of Life.  I'll recognize you, and I feel sure you'll somehow know me too.  We will smile and greet each other as old friends.
As the glories of that distant eternal land unfold, He will walk among us, greeting us by name.  Then, together, we will all learn from Him, the rest of the greatest story ever told.
Sincerely, Will Ghormley
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