Johnny Ringo Holster Rig from the Movie "Tombstone"
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Johnny Ringo
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Dave Livingston and Art Andrews,
who wouldn't accept my excuses for not making them Ringo Rigs.  They kept pestering me, and emailing me photos, till I was nearly as obsessed about it as they were!
To fit the actor, Michael Biehn, who played Johnny Ringo in "Tombstone", this belt had to be shortened to fit.  The billet was taken off, two cartridge loops were removed, two nickel spots were pulled out and the billet was sewn back on with a different stitch - a little off center of the belt.  This rig has been reproduced exactly like it appeared in the movie.

I couldn't find the conchos, so I reproduced them myself.  I've started sellin' 'em to a few folks.  With the pictures of the Ringo Rig I built, and the conchos I've reproduced, you'll start seein' copies of these Ringo Rigs around.  But, If you want me to make you one, you can only get it Here.

If you want to order one to fit you, contact me at my email address below.