Old West Cowboy Leather

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The Most Important Prayer
My Dad was a preacher.  My Granddad was a preacher.  My Great Granddad was a cowboy who liked to preach.  I don't reckon I can get away from it, so I might as well just get it out of my system.

Being "ordained" by men means nothing.  Only God calls and equips His servants.  But being "ordained" by men does have some advantages in dealing with the government.  So, I maintain a legal ordination.  

My ordination is through Evangelistic Messengers Association, International.
Communion Meditaion
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Making leather cowboy gear, patterns and How-To products for leather crafters, is how I make a living.  Serving God is my life.
God Is Love
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Retarding The Church
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Born of the Spirit, Filled with the Spirit
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