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Window of Opportunity
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Window of Opportunity

If the current events of our nation and world, and even the history that has preceded us, are viewed out of context, they may seem to be just random happenings and human reaction to those random events.  But, if everything that occurs is viewed within the scope of the great spiritual battle for the eternal souls of men, plans and patterns begin to form from the chaos. 

Since the creation of humanity, the powers of darkness have sought dominion over God’s creation.  Satan has always desired revenge against God through the destruction and enslavement of the human race with sin.  Constantly he tries, always he fails, because there continues to survives a remnant submitted to God.  The God of Heaven and Earth resists dark powers through the Body of Christ.  Over the centuries, The Deceiver has upgraded his machinations through trial and error.  Outright assault against the people of God has limited effectiveness in countries long practicing religion based on the cross of Christ.  In these nations, deception, greed and selfishness are better allies in the destruction of God’s people and the enslavement of humanity, rather than onslaught.  Government after government has fallen to the insidious cancer spread from within, till all great national powers are nearly helpless, save one.

The United States spans the North American continent.  Peopled by the most independent, self reliant, resilient, warlike and freedom-loving individuals from every race, every nation, every gene pool of the earth, the United States hybrid has proven particularly resistant to manipulation by the Powers of Darkness.  Yet, natural man is no match against the lure of selfishness and Satan continues to make inroads.  The Devil will not rest till the United State’s government is firmly in his grasp.  His tentacles of power have been at work, weaving through the fabric of our government since before we were a nation.  With the most sophisticated of all governing documents, (The United States Constitution), our form of government has been naturally resistant to the inroads of tyranny.  But our Constitution and our government, are only as reliable as the men who control it.  It is destined to degrade and ultimately fail, left in the hands of mere men.  But all is not lost.  The Body of Christ is the salt and the light that preserves this Union and keeps it from complete decay.  Yet, the Devil conspires to shape our nation to suit his ends, with a tireless energy.

While conspiracy theories abound, they are only smoke screens veiling the mother of all conspiracies:  The enslavement of the world to sin by the Powers of Darkness.  Subversive and covert, principalities and powers of darkness work within our governmental system, relentlessly transforming our nation, one small step at a time, into an instrument of oppression.  And now, we stand on the threshold Satan has been working towards since we became a nation.  We are entering into the Devil’s “Window of Opportunity”, in which he will be able to sweep our nation into tyrannical socialism.  He only has a few years to bring his plans to fruition, or miss his best chance for enslaving our country.  But what are a few years to the Prince of Darkness who has been expelled from the presence of God?  The Devil is patient – and desperate.

Satan’s chosen agent of enslavement for the United States is incremental institutional socialism.  But why socialism?  The Powers of Darkness have chosen socialism to replace a reliance on God.  Human nature naturally resists relying on God.  When a governmental system providing compensation for all the trials of life, is offered in place of turning to God, it is the choice of the natural man.  Therefore, Satan intends to make socialism a viable choice in America instead of reliance on God.

Socialism as a theory is harmless.  The early church in Jerusalem practiced a voluntary form of socialism when they sold their possessions to share with the persecuted poor.  Sharing all things in common was inspired by the Spirit of God, specifically for the Body of Believers in Jerusalem.  It was not spread as a “Christian” doctrine among other converts, locations and bodies of Believers.  Most importantly, it was voluntary.  Sharing with the disadvantaged is a cornerstone of goodness.  But when socialism becomes institutionalized and compulsory, it is no longer socialism, but oppressive tyranny.  Without the ability to choose not to participate, it is no longer socialism, but oppression.

Institutional socialism also looses the social value of socialism.  With the checks and balances of voluntary individual giving, socialism benefits both the giver and the receiver.  The giver is blessed by the selfless act of sharing and the receiver is blessed by the gift.  But the receiver is also held to social standards.  If the receiver is socially irresponsible and undeserving of aid, the giver has the option of withholding aid until behavioral modifications have been made by the receiver.  In this way, society is strengthened.  As a freedom-loving people, we have resisted institutional socialism.

The United States has resisted, even with military might, the oppression of socialism.  But the incremental institution of socialism was firmly begun in our nation before the end of the Civil War and has continued to spread through every aspect of our government.  And now, we are on the brink of the greatest advance in institutional socialism ever to be realized by Satan.  The Baby Boom generation, (of which I am a part), is the largest voting block in the United States.  The elderly are the most active voters.  As the Baby Boomers enter retirement, they will have the political clout to effectively vote institutional socialism into reality.  Motivated by the selfish, self-serving, “me generation”, mentality of Boomers, the financial needs of the aging “voting giant” will become the responsibility of the rest of America through legal legislation.  To minimize the back-lash of the oppressed masses, forced to contribute to the comfort of the aged, certain social issues have to be resolved within the present “Window of Opportunity” before the plan will work.  We now see the groundwork being laid, necessary for the dark plan to come to fruition.  I will outline a small portion of the forces at work, required for Satan’s plan to be completed.  They fall into three basic categories.

The Engineering of Social Standards

To make the coming events palatable to a large portion of society, (at least until it is too late to resist), it is necessary to change the way Americans think about things.  Here is a short list of what is going on to alter our corporate social standards.

The use of Public School Systems, not to educate, but to indoctrinate:  Uneducated individuals offer less resistance.  Indoctrinated individuals accept new policies.

Opposition to the Death Penalty:  By denying the legitimacy of the death penalty, opponents indirectly deny the need for Christ.  Without death as an atoning principal, Christ’s death in our place was unnecessary.  Jesus becomes just another Roman victim on a cross and his sacrifice insignificant.

Support of Abortion:  Abortion exalts the pursuit of personal desire above the sanctity of everyone else’s wellbeing.  Legalization of abortion legalizes the supremacy of personal choice at all costs.  Selfishness, at the cost of others, is an essential dynamic in making institutionalized socialism work.

Tolerance:  A need for tolerance is the excuse to vilify those who would differentiate between right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil.  It is a mindless label, easy to grasp by those who want to justify their own aberrant behavior and deny the truth.

Creation of a Malleable Population

To succeed in engineering social change, a large and easily influenced population is needed.  Creation of this population begins in the public school system by producing an under-educated and indoctrinated class of citizens, but this reservoir needs to be expanded.  Here are three more policies practiced by the Powers of Darkness, which add to this easily manipulated population.

Social Welfare System:  Aid to the poor on an individual basis, by individuals, strengthens society.  Institutionalized aid guarantees support to socially irresponsible individuals, weakening society at large.  Encouragement to populate our society with socially irresponsible families, exponentially weakens our society.  This creates a sub-class of Americans who are hopeless, desperate and envious of everyone who has more of anything than they do.  This sub-class of Americans is easily manipulated by forces that play upon their weaknesses.

Minimal Containment and Punishment of Criminal Class:  Allowing the criminal element to operate freely in society achieves two goals.  First, it creates a fear among the citizenry that makes citizens more accepting of excessive measures used by the government to curb illegal activity.  This excessive force sets a precedent that is more acceptable when directed towards the lawless.  When, in the future, other classes of citizens are vilified and targeted with the same excessive force, it will have become less obtrusive and objectionable.  Second, fear of the criminal element makes citizens more ready to accept restrictions of their own rights and freedoms when veiled as a “crack-down” on the criminal element.

Lax Enforcement of Drug Laws:  The use and spread of illegal drugs creates a crippled sub-class of depleted citizens that is easily manipulated.

Reduction of the Ability to Physical Resist Tyranny:

There are laws designed to reduce resistance to oppressive government actions.  Many other laws need to be in place to effectively control resistance to incremental institutional socialism.  While these programs are aimed towards limiting physical resistance to tyrannical government, they miss the mark.  The Powers of Darkness which seek to overthrow our nation will not be resisted or defeated in the physical realm, but in the spiritual realm.  The Body of Christ may or may not win the battle to preserve our free nation, but we will be victorious spiritually.  With that said, here are a few of the physical measures being taken to reduce resistance.

Incomprehensible Tax Code:  The incomprehensible tax code, (that even the IRS can’t accurately interpret 50% of the time), leaves every citizen exposed to prosecution without due process.  The courts of the Internal Revenue Service, are the only courts in the United States that operate outside of the Constitutional confines of “Due Process” and the principal of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”.  If the government decides a citizen is guilty of a tax code infraction, punitive actions can be taken without the government establishing burden proof.  In essence, with the IRS, any citizen is guilty unless proven innocent, not the other way around.  The burden of proof lies with the citizen to prove they are NOT guilty.  Since the establishment of the 14th Amendment, allowing personal income tax, our citizens have found themselves at the mercy of the IRS because of political and personal pressure from members of the governing body.  This unrestricted power can be turned on any citizen, or group of citizens, who incur the wrath of our government.  It is a powerful tool for oppression. 

Anti-Gun Legislation:  With the ability to legally institute socialism with legislation, it is necessary to remove all other forms of resistance beforehand.  This is the dark motivating power behind anti-gun legislation.  An armed citizenry was pointed out by our founding fathers as a necessity against tyrannical government.  Right after free speech, our forefathers understood the requirement for armed resistance to oppressive government.  To this end, the Powers of Darkness work relentlessly to strip United States Citizens of their right to keep and bear arms.  With all the guns confiscated, resistance from the Gen-Xers, Gen-Nexters and all the other-ers, will be limited to rhetoric.  Rhetoric is easily passed off as hate speech or intolerance.  Confiscation/destruction of all firearms will have to happen before incremental institutional socialism can overcome our democratic republic. 

Anti-SUV Sentiment and High Gas Prices:  Many of you might think I’m going off the deep end with this one, but it’s based on experience.  A nine-passenger, 4WD Suburban is the ideal high-speed urban assault vehicle, necessary for resistance against oppression.  A nine-man fire-team is the ideal effective micro-fighting unit for fast moving urban combat situations.   A nine-man fire-team can lay down effective offensive/defensive fields of fire and can easily combine with other nine-man fire-teams for larger operations.  Following an engagement, the larger assault team splits back into their nine-man fire-teams to rapidly egress from the area of operations.  Command and control of the small nine-man units is ideal for the command and control of non-professional soldiers.  The removal of SUVs through legislation, or the economic necessity of affordable fuel, is desirable before incremental institutional socialism is emplaced.

The Patriot Act:  While put in place to effectively deal with foreign terrorist threat, The Patriot Act will be turned against “domestic terrorists of intolerance” with increasing regularity.  The liberties we have taken for granted for generations are now a thing of the past.  Unscrupulous governors of our nation will use these same “laws” to sidestep citizen “rights” in an effort to eliminate “intolerant” “radical” “extremists” who insist our freedom and inalienable rights were given to us by God.

In reading this, you may think I’m anti-government.  That is not at all the case.  I took an oath to protect The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I love this nation more dearly than I value my own life.  But more importantly, I’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb and owe my allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Powers of Darkness use individuals, governments and anything else that will bend to their desires, to accomplish the enslavement of humanity to sin.  I have yielded my life to the Savior to bring reconciliation of mankind with God through Christ Jesus.  It’s to this end that I take up my sword and shield, not to battle against men or nations, but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness in exalted places.  To fight darkness, you expose it to the light.  That’s what I’m doing here.

You also might question how all of the agents pursuing the policies of darkness, work together to accomplish Satan’s plans.  Do they all know the end they are working towards?  Do they communicate among themselves to further their dark machinations?  No.  Every last individual who works toward the establishment of the policies I’ve mentioned, would deny wholeheartedly they have anything other than the welfare of humanity at heart.  Many are well meaning, though misguided.  Most are in it for selfish motivations.  Satan manipulates humanity to do his bidding through individual weakness.  Whether a person is motivated by greed, lust, power, pride, insecurity, accolades, self-importance, revenge, or a misplaced desire to do good, it isn’t difficult for the Master of Deception to find some common ground with individuals to persuade them to do his bidding.  Even “Christians” are susceptible when they are living for their own desires or following their own understanding - and not following the leading of God’s Spirit.  They all work, more-or-less, independently of each other, but following the plans laid out by the Powers of Darkness for the enslavement of humanity.

Our salvation isn’t in a political party, a nation, or even a religion.  Our salvation is in the man Jesus, the Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God our Father.  It is in Him and through Him that we will have victory over the Powers of Darkness.  Our mission isn’t to assault the hosts of Hell, but to rescue the lost, trapped in destructions path.  I only point out the destructive path our nation is on to warn the Body of Christ it is time to rise up and join the battle for the souls of humanity.  The Body of Christ needs to Repent for our lackadaisical worldly existence.  We must be Restored to our intended position of Holiness and Righteousness as representatives of God in this earth.  We must set about to Redeem the time, for these days truly are evil.  We are obligated to Redeem the lost, who are without God and without hope, unless the Body of Christ brings the Good News.  It is to this end that I bring the “Window of Opportunity” to your attention.

UPDATE, October 19th, 2008:  I wrote “Window of Opportunity” in November of 2005.  At the time, I knew the housing market would eventually fall-off, but had no idea of the recent events.  I had no idea President Bush would join with House Speaker - Senator Nancy Pelosi, Presidential Candidate - Senator John McCain, Presidential Candidate – Barack Obama and other bureaucrats, to side with their Wall Street interests against the best interests, and objections of 97% of American Citizens; when Washington’s elite voted to spend 820 Billion dollars of hard working American’s money to bail-out the investments of the rich.

President George W. Bush, in his final days in office, presided over the end of American Freedom as we have known it.  Gone now are the days when every person, with hard work and determination, can become a success in our nation.  We have officially returned to the feudal system our forefathers left Europe to escape.  Once again, hard working individuals across this nation are forced, by rule of law, to support the enrichment, investment and livelihood of an undeserving elite class.  Unfortunately, this unconstitutional usurpation of citizen’s earnings, is only the beginning of governmental abuse.

Voter fraud, repression of free speech, wholesale disinformation and obfuscation of the truth, (on a scale unprecedented since the Nazi Party swept into power in Germany), is already at work.  Many, who’s eyes are open, wonder why no one else can see the very fabric of our civil liberties unravel around us.  Many wonder how such a multitude of Americans can be deceived into going along with the “Change”.  The answer is quite simple:  It is spiritual.  There is a spiritual force at work among the children of disobedience.  They already dwell in darkness, having rejected their own need for repentance.  Having rejected the Savior Of Their Souls, they have erected gods after their own fallen image and look to them for salvation.  In their blindness they rush after their self-made messiah.

It is as it should be.  God is righteous and just in all His judgments.  The example lived by the Body of Christ in America has been virtually indistinguishable from the conduct of the world.  Now, Believers will reap the harvest of their carnality.  However bleak this may sound, it is for our eternal benefit and not for our punishment.  The Lord Jesus is returning for a spotless Bride without blemish.  It is time for the Church to be refined by fire and presented before her Lord.

I have reason to believe American Believers will enter into a period of persecution as a result of November’s elections.  Freedom of speech, freedom to express our devotion to our Lord, and the freedom to keep and bear arms, will all fall within a matter of months.  It seems impossible to imagine as I sit here writing this, but ask any neutral German who lived through Nazi Germany.  They will tell you they were alarmed, but went along with the Nazi program to get along.  Before they knew it, they were in fear of their lives.

I also have reason to believe this persecution, while severe for those who endure it, will not last long.

Daniel 7:25  He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.  NASB

This is interpreted to be a space of three and a half years.  I have no real reason to apply this passage from Daniel to current events in America, other than my gut instinct.  While there is a great temptation to react to this concept in fear, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of sound mind, (2 Timothy 1:7).  So, let us look to Our Father and consider all things in light of God’s purpose for us.  Take comfort and encouragement from Jesus’ words.

Matthew 10:28  “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul, but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”  NASB

While I believe persecution may very well begin in the next administration, the important thing to think about is:  How do I strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and allow His strength to see me through all that may come?  The test of any relationship isn’t how well we get along when things are going well, but how well we get along when everything is hittin’ the fan.