Old West Cowboy Leather

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Disney's, "The Alamo"
Texas Ranch House, 1867
Movie and T.V. Gear
Over the years I've had a few chances to provide authentic period correct cowboy gear for a few movies and T.V. shows.  It's kinda' fun, but doesn't amount to much.  The funny thing is, I can tell people about the important things I feel I've done and they'll listen politely. But if I mention something I've done for a movie star or for a specific movie, people's ears perk up and the say things like, "What was it like working with so-and-so?"  The truth is, I've never met so-and-so.  In fact, I've never even met so-and-so's people!  I am so low on the food chain that so-and-so's people contact other people and they get in touch with me.  Oh well.  It's still kinda' fun.

Brad Pitt as Jesse James
Open Range Rig
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3:10 to Yuma
Saddle and Cowboy Gear Rental
Starring Ed Harris & Viggo Mortensen