The Advantages of Cross Draw
Throughout much of the history of the Old West, the most common way to carry pistols was in the cross-draw fashion.  This was a matter of practicality rather than style.
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When mounted, the pistol could be accessed easily with the strong hand, while control of the horse was maintained with the off hand.  Re-holstering is also easier when the holster is in the cross draw position.
For shooters who could use both strong and weak hands to fire pistols, the weapon was easily accessible with the weak hand using the prairie twist draw
The holsters shown in these photos were based on one of Jesse James holsters.  Legend has it, that when Bob Ford assassinated Jesse James in his home, a Smith and Wesson Schofield, holster and cartridge belt were found laying on James' bed.  This holster simulates that Schofield holster with its floral tooling, only adapted for use with the Colt 1873 7 1/2" SAA, and the Remington 1875 model.
Brad Pitt as Jesse James in the new movie
Frank James holster and belt reproduction