Apache Boot
To support your most successful  moccasin constructing outcome, I have assembled a free, downloadable, 16 page instructional booklet. No purchase is necessary to download the instructions to your computer to view online, or print out for use at your work table.
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Your moccasin pattern will be printed out to
match the length of your foot.  To find out what length of pattern to order, follow these instructions.
While standing on a sheet of paper, trace both feet, holding the pen straight up and down.  If you will be wearing socks in your mocs, trace your feet with socks on.

Cut out the outline of both feet, line up the heels of each outline and staple the outlines together with the toes aligned.  Measure the longest point from the combined foot outlines.
Take the measurement from the longest point of the combined outlines and round that figure up to the nearest 1/4 inch.  That will be the length of your pattern.  For instance, if your combined outlines measure 10 1/8 inches, your pattern length would be 10 1/4 inches in length.
Custom length Apache Boot Patter..............................$12.00
To Order
I am a small, low-tech, one-man shop.  Nothing fancy here.  I don't have any form of electronic payment or ordering.  Email me with a listing of the pattern and size/s you want to order, and I'll give you a total for your purchase, (with applicable shipping costs).

If you decide to make a purchase, mail a list of what you are paying for, a cahier's check or money order made out to "Will Ghormley" (in the amount of the quoted price), your shipping address, and contact information.  Mail it to:

Will Ghormley
P.O. Box 152
118 1/2 North Grand
Chariton, Iowa  50049

Overseas purchases require additional shipping costs and different payment options.  The best way I have found for overseas customer to pay is via Western Union.  Email for details.
Read and understand all instructions before starting project.