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Stamps and Tools
Over the years I've need tools I couldn't find, hadn't been invented or couldn't afford.  I've ended up makin' a lot of my tools myself out of other tools or odds and ends of scrap metal.  Designin' tools hasn't been at the top of my list of things to do, but I may make a few more I want to share with everyone over the years.  

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Frank James Holster Rosette Stamps
These are reproductions of the rosettes on Frank James' Holster.  They can be used with my Frank James Rig Pattern, but I think they were probably originally made as saddle stamps.

Because of the size of the stamps, the leather has to be cased well, (overnight would probably be best), to get the deepest and most detailed impression.  The stamp works best when used with a heavy maul, (the shaft of the handle is 5" long so you can get a good swing at it without bustin' your knuckles).

DO NOT try to use these stamps on any stamping stone that is less than four inches thick.  Use a piece of plate iron under your leather to get a good impression, but watch the bounce.  I have a 4" slab of granite that makes a great platform for tooling and has virtually no bounce, even with the largest stamps and heaviest mauls.  You may find it necessary to make your initial impression, then rock the tool to each petal and give it another sound whack at each petal.  Practice on a piece of scrap leather so you know what the stamp is capable of before you set it on an actual project.
Frank James Rosette
The Large rosette is
1 1/2" in diameter.

Price:  $26.50
Frank James Rosette
The Small rosette is
1" in diameter.

Price:  $26.50
A matching two-stamp set, (1 large, 1 small), can be purchased for $50.
Shipping charge for individual stamp, or matched pair, in the U.S., is $7.00.  Each additional stamp or pair of stamps is an additional $7.00.
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