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Rooster Cogburn/Wyatt Earp style1800s Stock Saddle
I was asked to make a reproduction of the saddle Kevin Costner rode as "Wyatt Earp", in the movie by the same name.  It wasn't till I watched Jeff Bridges, as "Rooster Cogburn", in the re-make of "True Grit", that I realized they were the same style saddle.

Both saddles are slick-forked, high-cantle, half-seated, Sam Stagg-rigged, beveled-cantle, double-rigged, 1880s stock saddles.
The beveled-cantle is a unique feature of these saddles.  The side jockeys made popular in the 1880s are sewn and riveted to the sides of the seat cover.
I craft both the seat cover and the side jockeys to fit together without creating a seam that rubs the inside of the leg.
The tree for this saddle was crafted by master saddle-maker/tree-maker, Jon Watsabaugh.
It can be made in any seat length, to accomodate any conformation of horse.

While this saddle is pictureed with custom 5" Dog House stirrups, they will not always be available and are sold separately.

As shown with classic sirpentine edge tooling, this saddle sells for $6,000.