Fully Carved 1880s Stock Saddle
Cowboys would save up their poke for years to buy the saddle that matched their estimation of themselves as a Top Hand. This saddle would have made a wrangler swagger on a Saturday night in town.
Sam Stagg rigging, leather covered cinch rings, and a floral carving pattern from the mid 1880s finish off the classic look of this favored Old West saddle style.  This particular saddle is not dyed, but is oiled with extra virgin olive oil.  

The 1880 style saddle can be made in any seat size for any type of horse.  The saddle pictured has a 15" seat with a 5" high cantle, 2" dish to the seat and is 13" wide.  The "A" or slick fork has a 9" swell.  The gullet is 8" high and 6 1/4" wide.  Equipped with Northwest bars, thinned and flared at the rear tips, this saddle will fit a variety of horses comfortably.  

​Fully tooled, as shown in these photos, this style saddle sells for $10,000.
This saddle has all the classic lines and details that were the hallmark of a fine stock saddle of the 1880s.  
Built in the tradition of the times, this eight-string saddle is held together with saddle strings and brass star conchos.  All hand sewn with waxed linen thread and hand tooled, it is put together the same way they were making them 120 years ago.  With wide square skirts, ample fenders, narrow Cheyenne cantle roll, side jockeys and tapaderos, this saddle had all the trappings any Top Hand, Foreman, or Rancher could ask for.  It was the height of saddle technology in its day.
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